The hacker starts by scanning for wireless networks close to him. The Windows tool we'll use during this section is named NetStumbler.  Additionally by the time you receive this eBook raincoatStumbler could already be discharged for those of you employing a Mac. another similar programs are:

• destiny for Windows and UNIX system.

• KisMac for the raincoat.

1. transfer and install NetStumbler.

2. Run it. It mechanically starts to scan for wireless access points.

3. Once it's completed, you ought to see an inventory of all the wireless access points around you.

4. If you click on the raincoat address of 1 of the discovered wireless networks beneath channels, you may see a graph that shows the wireless network's signal strength. The additional inexperienced and therefore the less areas, the higher the signal.

5. As you'll see NetStumbler provides plenty quite simply the name (SSID) of the wireless network. It provides the raincoat address, Channel variety, cryptography sort, and a bunch additional. All of those are available in use once a hacker decides he desires to urge within the secured network by cracking the cryptography. the foremost common kinds of cryptography are:

• WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) —WEP is not thought of safe any longer.

Many flaws are discovered that permit a hacker to crack a WEP key simply. • WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) — WAP is that the presently the foremost secure and best choice to secure your wireless network. it isn't as simply cracked as WEP as a result of the sole thanks to retrieve a WAP key's to use a brute-force or lexicon attack. If your key's secure enough, a lexicon attack will not work and it might take decades to crack it if you brute-force it. this can be why most hackers do not even trouble.

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