Dictionary Attacks

December 27, 2018

 Password Cracking For Dictionary Attacks

Dictionary Attacks

You can get Brutus at http://www.hoobie.net/brutus/  .

1. First the hacker would choose a target. In this case it’s my home computer and the IP address For your home computer is

2. By going to I get a pop-up box asking for a username and password.

3. Next the hacker would launch a program similar to Brutus and attempt to crack the password.

4. In the target you put the IP address of the website and to the right select the appropriate option which in this case is FTP.

5. The default port is 21 but some websites change this to make them a little more secure. If you find out that the port isn’t 21, you can find the right one by doing a port scan. We will get into this later in the book.

6. If you don’t know any of the usernames of the FTP server, then you will have to get a list of the most common usernames.

7. For a dictionary attack you will have to choose the pass mode Word List and browse and select the file containing your word list. You can get some good password list at http://packetstormsecurity.org/Crackers/v

8. Once you hit Start the program will attempt to connect to the server and begin to try all the possible combinations from your lists.

9. If you are’re lucky, eventually it’ll get the right Username:Password combination. As you can see below, it got the correct combination of username –admin and password – Password

10. A smarter hacker would use a proxy when using a program like this. What a proxy does is cloaks your IP address by through another computer before going to the target. This is a smart idea because as you will see in the image below, Brutus leaves a huge log of your presence on the target server.

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